Timespace Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Beta Stage and Premium
Some features of Timespace are still in a Beta stage of development. Some features that are now offered for free may later become paid premium features.
Using Timespace
You can use Timespace if you are over 15 or if you are younger with the consent and supervision of your parents.

By using Timespace or any service running on the Timespace Platform, such as Enlapser, you accept these Terms and agree to follow them.
Content and Privacy
Timespace is a tool to manage your own data. Everything you post on Timespace still belongs to you. You are always in control of data that you manage and you can choose who sees and can use that data.

Content in public clouds must be appropriate to people in all ages and must not be violent or sexually explicit in nature, for example. The same applies to private clouds where you do not know the ages of all participants. When content is reported as inappropriate it is checked to be suitable for all ages and removed if not, even if it is in a private cloud.

You must respect copyrights when uploading and sharing content with Timespace. Content that is illegal for any reason will be removed when it comes to the attention of Timespace support.

Timespace administrators will not access your data. However, we reserve the right to remove or deny access to any content that we believe violates these Terms or threatens the usability of the system as a whole. Timespace support is allowed to access content to review it if it has been reported as inappropriate.

Timespace may use your data anonymously in aggregated reports to understand users as a whole. Individual users are not identifiable from these reports.

Timespace provides storage space for a reasonable amount of life data but we reserve the right to adjust storage space limitations.
Like every other web service, Timespace uses cookies for authentication. Without cookies you would not be able to log in.

Timespace also uses cookies to track your behavior in the app to improve the user experience. For example, Timespace tracks the features of the app that you use and the order in which you use them, but not the data you enter into them.
Security is very important to us and we take a lot of precautions to protect your data. We host our servers at secured locations. We backup everything daily and use encryption where it is technically feasible.

Sensitive information always travels over an encrypted connection between your browser or app and our servers.

You are responsible for keeping your user credentials safe and private. You will inform us immediately if you suspect your user account has been compromised. Timespace uses email and SMS for authentication. If your email or phone are compromised then also your Timespace account is at risk.
We reserve the right to terminate the service for anyone we choose. We will do our best to let you export your data upon such a termination unless the termination is caused by a violation of these Terms.
We offer this service "as is" without any warranty.

We assume no liability for user generated content.
Governing Law
These terms shall be governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes shall be arbitrated in Helsinki according to Finnish law procedure.
General terms
We will let you know if these terms change by a notification on the service webpages.